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8 Reasons Your Car Makes Creaking Noise When Turning

Car owners know there shouldn’t be any noises from the steering wheel when making a turn.


  1. Worn or loose tire rods
    Tire rods are an important part of the system since they connect the steering arm to the steering rack. They also connect tire direction with the turn of the steering wheel.
    This lets drivers have control over their vehicles. So, the tie rods definitely need to be checked if you hear clunking noises.
  2. Damaged or broken sway bar link
    The sway bar link or anti-roll bar is responsible for reducing body roll when cornering or turning. It also keeps your car’s balance to prevent it from rolling over when making a sharp turn.
    If your car has been difficult to manage lately, you may want your sway bar link fixed.
  3. Bad ball joints
    Ball joints are the parts that connect the wheel hubs to the rest of the suspension parts. They need lubrication to prevent them from getting dry.
    They start making noises once they become dry. A shaky steering wheel is also the result of dry ball joints.
  4. Dry jounce bushing
    Jounce bushing controls movement in the joints, absorbs road bumps and reduces noise and vibration. It’s often placed on top of a front strut.
    When it wears out, it allows more movement so there’s a slight shimmy from the front of the car. Rattling or clunking noises can also be heard, as well as loose steering or poor handling.
  5. Poor power steering rack
    A power steering rack serves as a pump to supply hydraulic fluid to the steering rack when you turn the wheel. This allows you to turn the steering rack with ease.
    If it wears out, hydraulic acid will start to leak which results in difficult steering. There can also be soft, whining sounds that are recognizable especially when driving at low speeds.
  6. Bad shocks and struts
    Shocks keep a vehicle from bouncing. Strut, on the other hand, is where spring is mounted to maintain the height of your car.
    Though they last a long time, they eventually wear down and make noises when turning. When not replaced, your vehicle will feel bouncy when you make a turn.
  7. Damaged steering column bearing
    Think of steering column bearing as the body’s spinal column.
    Its ends are connected to the steering gear assembly and steering wheel. It provides a cushion to ensure that the two parts last longer for a smoother and less stressful drive.
    Turning becomes difficult when it wears down. It also comes with strange noises which means your car probably needs some checking.
  8. Clogged steering reservoir tank
    Power steering fluid lets you turn the big, heavy wheels of your vehicle easily. It is stored in a tank with a filter inside to make sure the fluid that enters your car stays clean.
    If you hear moaning or whining noises when turning, it can mean your tank is clogged. See a mechanic immediately to avoid expensive and more serious power steering problems.

When your car makes noises when turning, the best solution is to go to an auto repair shop. The mechanics can tell you what needs to be fixed or replaced to bring your driving back to normal.

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