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9 Natural Tips to keep your Car Smelling Good

Natural Remedies to Keep Your Car Fresh-Smelling
Fortunately, using natural remedies will prevent your automobile from smelling like a wet dog. Kiss lingering odors and chemical fresheners goodbye by using these simple, inexpensive, DIY vehicle freshener tips.

  1. Cleaning the vents, matting, and upholstery.

Cleaning your matting and upholstery may seem like a natural first step, but it’s not very enjoyable. How recently have you cleaned your vents? When you switch on the heat or air conditioning, dirt and germs that have accumulated in the vents are dispersed throughout your vehicle. The upper and lower vents can be cleaned with a tiny sponge or cotton swab.

  1. Buy a seat or cargo area cover that can be washed.

Consider purchasing detachable, machine-washable covers for the seats or cargo compartments if you want to bring your dog (or your snack-eating tween) along. Just take the covers off and wash them when your car starts to smell.

  1. Buy charcoal.

Charcoal absorbs foul odors in the same way that it removes pollutants from water in a Brita water filter. To absorb unpleasant odors, stuff a cloth bag with activated charcoal discs or pellets and keep it in the car.

  1. Allow baking soda to work its magic.

Do you keep an open container of baking soda in your refrigerator to mask odors? In your car, the same method is effective. An odor-removing powerhouse is baking soda. It absorbs scents and gets rid of them rather than masking them. Baking soda should be placed in a mason jar and covered with a cardboard lid with holes because it could spill if it were left uncovered. Pick a size that will fit in the cup holders of your automobile. There will be odors, but they won’t leave. For an extra boost, add a few drops of essential oil.

  1. Hold off on putting the baking soda away.

The upholstery of the car tends to hold onto a lot of smells. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and seats and leave it there overnight to start working at the smell’s cause. The following day, vacuum it up and get rid of the trapped odors at the same time. Before you sprinkle, make sure the surface is dry to prevent creating a paste that will be challenging to remove.

  1. Put out a bowl of vinegar.

Vinegar vapors interact with pungent chemicals to neutralize odors. Leave a bowl of vinegar out in your car all night to use it. Just remember to take it off before you get behind the wheel! Leather interiors can being damaged by vinegar spills.

  1. Make a vent clip yourself.

Cotton balls or pompoms can be infused with your preferred essential oil before being adhered to a clothes pin. After that, fasten the clothespin to a car vent. The aroma permeates the entire vehicle when the heat or air conditioning is turned on.

  1. Make a perfumed sachet.

Fill a small mesh bag, a paper bag, or even an old, clean sock with something enticing to the nose. Coffee beans are a fantastic thought! Coffee beans not only energize you but also have a deodorizing effect. Citrus peels, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla beans, or a combination thereof are further suggestions.

9. Have a Detailed Cleaning

Give your car a thorough cleaning to ensure that there are no odors or bacteria present. You can do this yourself and save money, or you can have the nearby carwash handle it. Purchase a reliable vacuum with a hose and accessories that can fit in the car’s awkward spaces. Get your pick of deodorizer, cleanser, wiping supplies, brushes, and sponges, and you’ll be well on your way to a fragrant automobile. Ensure everything is clean by wiping down the vents. The mats should be taken off and carefully cleaned. Remember to also clean the windows. Check the pockets and cup holder for any leftover french fries. Put your preferred freshener in once the cleaning is finished to maintain your car smelling good.

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