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How Long Does a Fuel Pump Usually Last?

An easy and reliable component of the gasoline system are the fuel pumps. They are in charge of transferring fuel from the tank to the engine and are often located inside the fuel tank. The fuel pump is constructed to be durable because its work is crucial and its location is challenging to reach. Really, there is no need for replacing the fuel pump before 100,000 miles. In certain circumstances, fuel pumps have been reported to last for more than 200,000 kilometers. After 100,000 miles, the fuel pump will most certainly fail, making it advantageous to replace it concurrently with another significant fuel system component if you are doing so.

What prolongs the life of a gas pump?
The two main elements that affect the fuel pump’s lifespan are general use and fuel quality. The typical driver can increase the life of their fuel pump in a few ways with hardly any effort:

1. Always maintain the tank at least one-quarter full.

♦ The fuel pump is cooled by gas, thus if the tank runs out of gas, the pump cannot be kept cold. The fuel pump’s lifespan is shortened by overheating.
♦ With less fuel, there is less pressure pushing it through the fuel pump, which means it takes more work on the part of the driver to get the fuel out of the tank because of its weight.                                                                            ♦ The bottom of the tank will hold any impurities and debris from the fuel as well as any dust and dirt that may have entered. The debris may harm the fuel pump when it draws in the fuel from the bottom of the tank. The gasoline filter can shield the engine and injectors from particles, but also compromises the pump.

2. Maintain your fuel system.                                                                                                                           ♦ If properly maintained, parts of the fuel system are designed to last for a very long time. The parts will survive as long as the manufacturer intended them to with routine inspections and fuel filter replacements.

♦ Make sure the gas cap is properly sealed; otherwise, dust and other debris may enter while fuel vapor escapes.

♦ Avoid gas stations and gas pumps that seem to be under maintenance. The fuel system may be harmed and the fuel pump’s lifespan may be shortened if there is water in the gas or corrosion on the nozzles. Cheap gas is good because fuel quality is strictly regulated in the US, but occasionally there are still gas pumps that are in disrepair.

When should a fuel pump to be changed?
Although it is typically not required to replace the fuel pump beforehand, doing so could ultimately save money and time if another service on the car requires taking out the gas tank and the old fuel pump has been in use for more than 100,000 miles.

Get the fuel pump checked out straight away by a competent mechanic if it appears to be surging and then not delivering enough fuel. The gasoline system is essential to keeping the car running, and one that is not properly maintained is simply dangerous.

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