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How to Change the Thermostat in Your Car

Replace your thermostat if your car has been overheating or if it won’t warm up correctly. You have problems getting your automobile warmed up if the thermostat is stuck in the open position because it doesn’t retain the liquid in the engine for long enough. The liquid cannot reach the radiator if the thermostat is stuck in the closed position, which leads to overheating.

You might want to try this task first before you take more extreme measures because replacing the thermostat is fairly easy and thermostats are reasonably priced. Make careful to only carry out this procedure once your engine has totally cooled.

Locate your thermostat if you haven’t already done so.
These instructions apply to the sort of thermostat that is often found where the top radiator hose connects to the engine. The idea is the same whether your thermostat is in the bottom radiator hose.

Put a bucket underneath the area where you’ll be working.
There will be some fluid leakage, so keep a clean two-gallon container nearby to capture it. When you’re done, restore the fluid to the radiator.

Take the clamp off.

Remove the clamp.
Locate your thermostat by following the radiator hose.

Remove the hose.
At this point, some liquid will leak out and fall into your bucket.

Lift out the old thermostat by removing the fasteners holding the thermostat housing in place.
Compare the new thermostat’s gasket to that of the previous model. Go back to the retailer to get the correct thermostat and gasket if the new one and the one that comes with it don’t match exactly.

Install the fresh gasket there.
Remove the gasket that was surrounding the hole where the thermostat was situated. Scrape off any adhered gasket fragments, being careful not to let them fall into the hole.

Drop by and take possession of the new thermostat.

Make sure the spring side is facing down before replacing the bolts.

Hose and hose clamp should be changed.
If your hose clamp has screws, tighten them down firmly without cutting into the hose.

Pour the liquid from the container into the radiator fill hole or coolant reservoir to replace any fluid that leaked from the hose.
Make sure not to pour it on the ground where it can hurt children or animals. If you accidently spill something, clean it up completely, then rinse the area with water. Finally, put the rags in a sealed plastic bag before throwing them away.

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