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Top 5 Commercial Cars in Nigeria

This article is for you if you travel frequently and are seeking for a way to reduce your costs or if you want to invest in Nigeria’s commuter industry. What is the finest commercial vehicle to use for daily commute in Nigeria? Observe now!

Without a doubt, the majority of Nigerians go to their various places of employment each day in a commercial vehicle. This is due to the fact that many people do not possess a car, and even those who do occasionally favor commercial transit. This is due to two factors:

(1) Congestion on the streets of cities like Lagos, etc.
(2) The cost-effectiveness of daily gas for a personal vehicle.

As a result, both car owners and non-owners of cars in Nigeria choose to commute to work in the best commercial vehicles available. The need for cars needed for business use has expanded as a result of this demand from Nigerians. Commercial cars assist move goods and services across the nation, therefore they generally improve our transportation system.

A commercial vehicle is what?

Nigeria has adopted the concept of using roads as its primary means of transportation. Commercial vehicles have a significant role in that. What exactly are they?

Commercial cars are vehicles that transport people from point A to point B for a fee known as the fare. Of course, for the majority of individuals, work is a key destination.

Abuja, Nigeria's Capital, Has No Plan for Its Poor

Commercial vehicle types in Nigeria
In Nigeria, when we refer to “commercial cars,” we actually mean commercial vehicles. This is so because Nigeria uses a wide variety of vehicles for business purposes. The following are some examples of commercial cars or vehicles used around the nation:


The term “Danfo” refers to the popular Volkswagen Vanagon bus. Danfo may also be used in place of other brands. It is often referred to as the “danfo bus” and is typical of Lagos, where most of its drivers are always looking for a chance to calm down any irate passengers.

Industrial and commercial workers in Lagos State rush to arrive at their workplaces on time. In order to get people to their various destinations, commercial drivers and their conductors put in a lot of effort.

However, you shouldn’t get out of bed to stifle their actions with divisive subjects and justifications because you can get retaliated against by the conductor or another passenger.

“Kabu Kabu”

These are fictitious private vehicles used for business travel. Although they are not painted in the official state colors of Lagos or Abuja—yellow for Lagos and green for Abuja—they are nevertheless highly helpful for transporting passengers to nearby locations.

Standard Taxis

They transport people throughout the state in vehicles that have been painted in the official state colors. They are typically pricey, and skilled drivers will wring every last Naira from you, so beware!

Taxis with Ride-Hailing Services

These are not too old. They are private vehicles that have been granted a permit by taxi services like Uber and Taxify. To access this service, you must install an App on your smartphone. They typically are structured, affordable, and on time.

Airport Taxis

Nigerian airports only have airport taxis available to transport arriving travelers into the city. They are typically pricey because they assume that everyone who flies is wealthy.

Nigeria’s top commercial vehicles for commuting
What are the typical vehicles these businesses utilize given that we are aware of the varieties of commercial commuter cars that are available?

In Nigeria, if you need to purchase a car or cars for business travel, you can struggle with indecision.

Commercial drivers select their vehicles depending on their own opinions about such vehicles. A commercial auto dealer will typically provide you advice based on your point of view when you meet them. However, every auto dealer will always try to win over new customers. therefore,

They’ll usually try to persuade you to acquire an automobile that will mostly serve their interests.

As a result, you should only buy from authorized and approved business auto dealerships. Reputable car dealerships don’t seek to lose their clients. Using the services of trustworthy vehicle companies is shrewd. You can decide to purchase a car online through a reliable online auto business in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Such reputable vehicle lots and online firms constantly make an effort to provide consumers with prompt and effective services, including commercial automobile rental.

Reputable vehicle dealers prioritize developing better relationships with their clients above sullying their reputation. You should take into account the following vehicles while choosing your business vehicles for commuting:


Volkswagen Vento (A3) - Wikipedia

A number of cars have been produced by the German business Volkswagen in the automotive industry. A five-seater commercial vehicle is the Volkswagen Vento.

It is now a well-known Volkswagen car model that is widely used worldwide, including in Nigeria. The Volkswagen Vento A3 was the first model of the Volkswagen Vento that was produced in 1992.

Following the popularity of this model, the firm continued to make other Volkswagen Vento versions. The Volkswagen Vento BS6 is the most recent model under this marque.

Volkswagen Vento’s exterior styling
(1) The Volkswagen Vento is built with four doors that may accommodate many people.
(2) Every Volkswagen Vento model has a nearly identical bonnet.
(3) Each model of this particular Volkswagen has a unique trunk. Given that the Volkswagen Vento is available in a variety of colors, you can choose any model based on your preferred color.
Internal Volkswagen Vento Features
The Vento’s interior is distinctive and appealing, much like every other vehicle utilized for commercial purposes and beyond.

(1) To accommodate its occupants, it is set up with two distinct seats in the front part and one larger seat at the back.
(2)To ensure the security of its passengers, the Volkswagen Vento is also fitted with safety airbags.
(3)It is available in both manual and automatic modes.
Volkswagen Vento’s fuel efficiency
The Volkswagen Vento uses little gas. This suggests that using it for business reasons will allow you to benefit handsomely.

Volkswagen Vento repair and maintenance costs
The cost of upkeep and repairs is determined by the mechanic doing the repair. However, the Volkswagen Vento has relatively modest maintenance costs.


Pin on vdubs

The Nigerian commercial driving community favors this particular Volkswagen model. Due of its effectiveness on Nigerian roads, people frequently choose to employ this vehicle for commercial purposes. For students in Nigeria, it makes a fantastic commuting vehicle.

Features of the Volkswagen Golf 3’s exterior
(1) It has a typical car hood and a trunk that resembles an SUV.
(2) You can reach the interior using four entrance portals.
(3) It comes in a variety of hues.
(4) It is robust enough to go on Nigeria’s major roads.

Features of the Volkswagen Golf 3’s interior
(1) It can be either an automatic or a manual.
(2) It has a long seat in the back role and two single seats in the front portion.
(3) You may see moving objects through the inside mirror of it. (4)Its trunk can hold a lot of merchandise.

The Volkswagen Golf 3’s maintenance costs

This car has a relatively cheap maintenance and repair cost. In most auto stores, the commercial auto parts are also offered and accessible. To maintain the Golf’s functionality, appropriate maintenance is required.

Volkswagen Goff 3 Fuel Economy

When compared to other vehicles, the Volkswagen Goff 3 uses less fuel.

3. 1999 Mazda 121

File:Mazda 121 1999 ZV.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

Another automaker employed for commercial purposes in Nigeria is Mazda. For business application, the 1999 Mazda 121 model is affordable and dependable.

Features of the Mazda 121’s exterior

(1) It has merely 2-doors.
(2) Its tires are capable of withstanding the roughness of Nigerian roads.

Features of the Mazda 121’s interior

(1) In the front part, there are two single seats set. These chairs can be adjusted.
(2) At least three persons can sit in the back area of its single-long seat.
(3) The trunk has a large capacity for holding goods at once.

Fuel Efficiency of Mazda 121
The Mazda 121 helps Nigerian business operations and uses less fuel to operate.

Cost of the Mazda 121’s maintenance
This car’s maintenance costs are generally minimal, and the Nigerian market has an abundance of replacement parts.

4. Volkswagen Jetta


This Volkswagen type is primarily made for winding routes. The car runs more accurately with fewer maintenance procedures.

Features of the Volkswagen Jetta’s exterior
(1) It has a four-door exterior appearance.
(2) Its tires can endure the rough surfaces of Nigerian roads.
(3) It comes in a variety of hues.
Features of the Volkswagen Jetta’s interior (1) In the first row, there are two single seats organized.
(2) At least three persons can sit in the back section of the one long seat that is positioned there.
(3) There is a limit to how much weight or goods the trunk can hold.

Fuel Economy of the Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta guarantees low fuel consumption during its operation.

Maintenance cost of the Volkswagen Jetta

The maintenance cost of this car is averagely low, and its spare parts are readily available in the Nigerian market.

5. Toyota Sienna 

2005 Toyota Sienna

One of the most well-liked commercial 7-seater car models in Nigeria is the Toyota Sienna. The long-distance, interstate commercial transportation of this minivan is common.

Features of the Toyota Sienna’s exterior
(1) It has a four-door exterior appearance.
(2) It is a sturdy vehicle that can handle Nigerian roads.
(3) It is offered in several hues.

Features of the Volkswagen Jetta’s interior (1) It has three rows of seats that can accommodate between 7-8 people.
(2) At least 4-6 passengers can fit in the back parts of the second and third rows of chairs.
(3) There is a limit to how much weight or goods the trunk can hold. For even more cargo room, you may optionally fold down the third row of seats.

Toyota Sienna’s Fuel Efficiency
Long-distance travelers prefer the Toyota Sienna because of its extremely low fuel consumption.

The Toyota Sienna’s upkeep costs
This car receives only average maintenance. Its spare parts are also available in the Nigerian market.

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