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Bad Driving Habit to Avoid

Drivers that are careless can result in fatal accidents and claim lives. However, even regular behaviors can have the same impact.

  1. Driving Under the Influence of alcohol
    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 30 people die in car accidents in the United States every day as a result of drinking and driving.
    Because alcohol and drugs impair judgment and reflexes, many intoxicated drivers (also known as “buzzed drivers”) overestimate their capacity for safe driving or assume they won’t be caught. Taking a cab or designating a sober driver can save lives; encourage your friends to do the same.

2. Distracted Driving
Smartphones have raised the bar for distracted driving, which includes all behaviors that require drivers to take their eyes off the road, such as talking, eating, and adjusting the radio. 3,142 people lost their lives as a result of distracted driving accidents in 2019.

Because using a cell phone while driving involves high-attention activities like texting, internet browsing, and even taking selfies, it poses a unique threat. Drivers of all ages are making the commitment to never text and drive because the practice is so commonplace (and fatal).

3. Speeding
For many years, speeding has consistently contributed to car accidents and fatalities. Speeding-related car accidents accounted for 26% of road fatalities in 2019. [3] Even though exceeding the posted speed limit increases the risk of collision on its own, it frequently happens in conjunction with other risky behaviors like driving while texting, driving aggressively (or “road rage”), or even driving while intoxicated.

4. Driving Without a Seatbelt
Even though continuously wearing a seatbelt can significantly minimize or even eliminate injuries, many drivers don’t. The CDC states that seatbelts can cut the number of major crash-related injuries and fatalities in half. Young people (ages 18 to 34) who are less inclined to wear one than other age groups do so more frequently than other age groups. Men are also 10% less likely to use seatbelts than women are. Wearing a seatbelt is one of the simplest ways to stay safe on the road, whether you’re traveling long distances or just down the road.

  1. Driving When Exhausted
    The NHTSA reports that 697 fatalities in 2019 were caused by drowsy driving. Driving while fatigued has similar consequences to driving while intoxicated, including slower reaction times, diminished awareness, and poor decision-making. Falling asleep at the wheel when driving while drowsy is also dangerous, even if it only lasts a short while. Young drivers (ages 16 to 25) and commercial drivers are more prone to drive while fatigued. Driving can be made more energizing by drinking coffee, listening to music, opening a window, or stopping in a secure location and taking a quick sleep.
  1. Driving in bad Weather
    Even the most cautious drivers can be affected by inclement weather, whether it be snow, rain, or sleet. Over 5,000 people each year are killed in collisions, according to the Federal Highway Administration’s estimate that 21% of crashes are weather-related. The main factor (70%) is wet pavement, which is followed by rain (46%) and snow/sleet (18%). Make sure your headlights are functioning, your tires have enough grip, and that you are using chains or snow tires in the winter when driving in bad weather. Simply slowing down is one of the simplest ways to be safe in terrible weather.

7. Road rage
A quick temper can harm both you and other people. Keep your emotions in check while driving; the behavior of other drivers are not personal, so any resentment you feel does not call for a reaction that could end in an accident. The more you adhere to fundamentally sound, secure routines, the higher your likelihood of avoiding a conflict will be.

You can become a more responsible driver by being aware of the dangers associated with risky driving practices. Use these road safety recommendations and put them into practice. When you have the appropriate insurance coverage, you may drive even more comfortably. Accident-free discounts from Nationwide are given to safe drivers.

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